#fightingfailurechallenge – Sam Clarke

Congratulations to Sam who cycled 3,574 miles round Europe raising £17,083.95 for Alport UK and happily arrived back safely from lockdown in Albania.

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I was diagnosed with Alport Syndrome when I was eighteen months old. It’s a rare genetic kidney disease that causes hearing loss, eye abnormalities and kidney failure.

Throughout my twenties, I struggled psychologically with the concept of my kidneys failing, because of the uncertainty of when they would fail. Most of the choices I’ve made in life have been orchestrated by the concept of ‘fighting failure’. In December 2018, on my 31stbirthday, I found out that my kidneys are likely to fail by the end of 2019, at the rate at which they are declining. Although I find it slightly daunting, it’s also refreshing to finally have a rough timescale on when my kidneys will fail… and much like the path that’s lead me to where I am today, I can’t just sit still and wait for it to happen. I’m extremely grateful that my hearing, eye sight and kidney function have been closely monitored my whole life, so while I’m still fairly fit and able, I want to use this time to share my story, to raise money and awareness.

Sports are my saviour… and if I can inspire others to take up sport and help support anyone else living with or has yet to be diagnosed with Alport Syndrome while I’m able to, then I will feel as though I’ve done something worthwhile.

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