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What we will fund

How much we will fund.

We will give people living with Alport Syndrome (patients and/or siblings) a maximum budget of up to £250 for a year to get you trying something new or setting yourself a challenge. We will grant the maximum budget if there is evidence that you will part-fund the activity yourself or volunteer time or fundraising for Alport UK. It must be an activity, sport or hobby with at least one of the following outcomes/benefits to you:

  • gets you out of the house, to another location or
  • connects you with other people doing the activity or
  • you learn new skills or
  • you set yourself a new challenge of your own to fundraise for Alport UK

Examples of activities or hobbies: sport, music, singing, board games, fitness activities, skydiving or a new hobby or skill eg learning a new language or playing an instrument. Sam suggests six to ten people do a tandem sky dive and aim to raise £1,000 each. Alport UK will cover the cost of the skydive. Anyone on to join him to do this challenge? Your activity must involve you doing something away from home and either exercise or connecting with people.

Examples of what we fund:

  • Equipment or clothing for the new activity. eg a musical instrument, sports kit, safety equipment for learning to ride a horse, a specialist pair of running or cycling shoes or a camera to document travelling.
  • Subscription for a venue or sport eg a monthly subscription to a gym or swim club
  • Lessons to help you learn the new activity eg exercise classes at a gym, singing, tennis or archery lessons, or a few sessions with a personal trainer to learn better techniques
  • Buying equipment to monitor health as you embark on the exercise eg electronic blood pressure machine
  • Seeking expert advice eg from a specialist sports nutritionist who understands kidney patient health and appropriate food intake for performing athletes, so that you can exercise safely and without impacting your kidney function
  • Expenses for accessibility/monitoring health – expenses to help keep track of your health as the project develops eg bus fares, petrol money, parking fees to doctors, etc.

The list above shows just a few examples. We are open to any ideas with a similar outcome or benefit you may already have something you enjoy which you would like to do more with it. Please email us your ideas.

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