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It is important to adopt a healthy life style as promoted by national bodies –
this includes taking regular exercise, avoiding excess weight gain, avoiding a
diet high in salt and avoiding smoking.

Healthy eating should be important in everyone’s life, but sadly not everyone thinks this is so.  This information will help you to understand more about the foods you need to eat and avoid as a kidney patient.  Please also ask your renal consultants for more information as everyone is on a different journey and there maybe some advice given that is specific to you.

It is never too late for anyone to make positive changes that benefit health and well being.

Some healthy nutrition pages.

A handy leaflet from the British Renal Organisation.–nutrition-leaflet.pdf.aspx

A renal diet leaflet from BKPA.


Some top foods to help within a kidney diet.

Some foods to try and avoid

Some links for healthy recipes. – pasta with pesto – grilled marinated beef steak – chicken fajitas – spicy mustard pork – pumpkin pancakes – kidney friendly chicken schnitzel puffed rice cutlets – vegetable fried rice – granola bars – cranberry muffins

Here are some links for diets post transplant

Here are some links for diets during dialysis.

Here is a link to a nutritionist website


If anyone has any other good tips or recipes please contact us at

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