conferences and events

alport uk has been represented around the world and UK at various conferences and events.

Bournemouth Renal Association Annual Conference 2013

alport uk went to Glasgow as part of UK Kidney week in 2014

Renal Association meeting in Glasgow

alport uk went to Philadelphia in the USA to the American Society of Nephrology in November 2014

American Society of Nephrology

China was the destination for alport UK in 2016 when they joined the Alport Syndrome Patient Group Patient Information Day.  alport UK took Easter Eggs for the children.








From left – Mr Chang – founder of the Chinese Alport patient group Centre – Susie with her hosts on her right: Professor Jie Ding, Jesse (Susie’s host and translator, a mother of a boy with Alport Syndrome) and Dr Fang Wang



alport UK went to Amsterdam in March 2017 to the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes conference as part of Rare Renal Diseases

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