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Article in the news about Alt J and how they were helped by Harley Hearing

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This is an article on the 3D object printing of stem cells taken from the Sydney Morning Herald

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This is an article published by Oliver Gross relating to the benefit of ACE inhibitors.

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In the news 22 December 2014

The 100,000 genome project is a government funded initiative that aims to sequence the whole genome (all the DNA) of 100,000 individuals living in England who have a rare genetic disorder or one of a number of common cancers.

Patients with a confirmed clinical diagnosis of Alport’s Syndrome, in whom a genetic cause has not been found (i.e. their DNA has been screened for mutations in the Alport’s genes with no alteration identified) are eligible for recruitment to this study. Currently recruitment is available through one of eleven sites:

Cambridge, Guys and St Thomas, Liverpool, Manchester, Great Ormond St, Newcastle, Oxford, Devon & Exeter, Southampton and Imperial College London.

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This is an article regarding transplants from the Local Guardian.

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This article talks about early angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition and Alport syndrome delays renal failure and improves life expectancy.

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