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Alfie’s Story

I have been lucky enough to have been funded for body armour and a riding hat (as you can see in the videos). I started horse riding at the start of September last year (6 months in March) and learnt so much, Thank you so much, Sam Clarke, for funding me the body armour and riding hat. I had a amazing lesson today and learnt so much (learning Diagonals, a longer walk without trotting and turning without using the reins.)

Feb 2020 – Sam interviewed Alfie


I just wanted to share a little story with you all!

If you’ve been wondering what all your generous donations have been going towards… here’s a brilliant example…


Meet Alfie! Until only a few months ago, Alfie was lacking confidence to go out and have fun. His hearing loss was affecting him and the concept of kidney disease scared him from trying to do anything new. But then he was introduced to horse riding and absolutely loves it!

The ‘Don’t Wait’ fund that Alport UK and I have created, gives young adults and children the chance try new (or continue doing) sports and activities. So with the money that you lovely peeps have donated, we bought Alfie a new riding hat and body armour!

It makes me really happy and proud to see Alfie enjoying horse riding… I always preferred two wheels and a set of brakes myself!

I asked him a couple of questions to see if he’d like to share some thoughts and this is what he said:

“I’ve been riding for 5 months now! It makes me forget my problems. I love the horses; it’s really relaxing and it makes me forget everything bad that has happened in my life and I know this will help my kidneys.

I enjoy grooming the horses and am learning so much about them. I also enjoy mucking out their beds and putting new straw in/ hay nets and water for the day and night-time beds, Woodside have been so helpful for me – they have helped me gained confidence. I started knowing nothing at all to starting to teach people how things work in the stables.


The people are very friendly – I love their company, I have been to a house Xmas party and also Red Kangaroo (that’s a trampoline place) and a leaving party for one of the trainers. I would still be in the house gaming and getting more and more unfit. I have lost 1 stone and super proud of that. I go every chance I can, I never miss a weekend.

Thank you so much for funding the safety gear for me, I now feel so much more protected when on the horses!”

Super proud of you Alfie, keep it up dude!

Thank you so much for your contributions. It makes all this cycling up and over the hills SO worth it! The money is going to go a lot further and help in more ways than you can imagine!

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