Alice Turner has an attic full of alport shaking tins, balloons and Alport t shirts.  Both she and Wilma are bursting with fundraising ideas, so please do contact us if we can give you any ideas of raising much needed funds and awareness.

Big Thank You to Sandra Jones for her second Kilt Walk in Glasgow and raising over £600.

Big Thank You to Alfie and Jeanette Bailey for hosting a great coffee and cake afternoon in Nottingham and introducing some brand new Alport UK cake toppers.

Big Thank You to Sophie Humpries and Robert Barton and all their friends who raised over £1,100 by walking up Snowdon.

Big Thank You to Richard Latham for his donation of £200 after attending one of our Information Days.

Big Thank You to Razaan France and family and friend who raised a massive £1,111,10 through 3 legged races and cream teas throughout the year.

Big Thank You to Alex Edwards and Wizz Scammell for his donation of £20 in lieu of a birthday present.

Big Thank You to Tim Hyjazie for a massive cycle round the alps to raise some lovely cash.

Big Thank You to Rachel Sharp and her father who raised awareness and some cash through birthday present donations instead of presents.

Big Thank You to Nick Longden who ran the Yorkshire Marathon and raised £525.

Big Thank You to the Mary Howard sale where we raised £146 with shaking tins.

Big Thank You to Learn Direct in Corby who raised £253 through a charity day and shaking tins.

Big Thank You to The Rare Disease Day 2016 who held an event in Leicester (with guess speaker Michael Randles  – one of our researches in Manchester ) and raised £60 by selling T shirts and having a shaking tin.

Big Thank You to Jillian MacKinnon who raised lots of awareness with a colour run

Big Thank You to one of our warrior Julie Kiddie who ran the Glasgow 10K run and raised an amazing £1,000 for alport UK

Big Thank You to Claire Jones who had a dress down day and raised some cash and awareness.

Big Thank You to Waitrose in Cheltenham & Malmesbury for raising nearly £300 EACH with their community charity green tokens and also for helping raise awareness.

Big Thank You to another one of our Warriors Dawn Peart who raised over £400 with a race night.

Big Thank You to one of our Warriors Susan Shier who raised over £200 with a brilliant coffee morning/ craft day fundraiser.

Big Thank You to Mike Jones who cycled many many miles from London to Brussels via Amsterdam and raised over £4,000.

Big Thank You to Evie, Lucy and cousin Arthur for collecting £4.66 at their bedroom “charity” shop over the Christmas holidays and for donating it to Alport UK.

Big Thank You to Octavia and her fabulous bookshop in Cirencester who has been helping us sell the brilliant Frog in the Bog books.  They are still for sale if anyone would like one and she has a great range of books for all aged children!

Big Thank You to Radley College who held an event like the Radio 4 “Just a Minute” and “I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue”.  Two teams competed and raised over £1,700 for Alport UK.  Here is the link to their newsletter snippet.


Big Thank You to one of our teenage warriors – Ciaran Calderwood – who took part in Movember and raised £40.

Big Thank You to Saq Shahzad who has been quietly and continually raising a lot of money using the Alport UK shaking tins.  Saq is very generously putting the funds towards our next Alport Information Day.

Big Thank You to Becky Fawcus Gibbs who raised over £700 for Alport Uk by running in the Warwick Marathon.

A Big Thank You to Wilma Calderwood, her family and friends who raised £625 from a Race night in Ayr. The money will contribute to further development of our website.  It was a real family effort as Wilma’s son Ciaran and his band Rhetorical Minds, played at the night and Wilma was ably helped by her daughter Ainsley, who sold horses and promoted the event.  Wilma also wants to thank both Margo Smith and Julie Kiddie for sourcing raffle prizes and helping to sell horses.


If there are any fundraisers out there with ANY ideas no matter how large or small do get in contact with us for help, guidance, kit, ideas, backup, motivation as we will be more than willing to help in any way we can!



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